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 The Alabama Dance Festival in January 2016 offered college dance students the opportunity to audition for the School at Jacob’s Pillow, a prestigious summer intensive at the most historic dance venue in America. Dancers spend their summer immersed in high-level technique classes and intense rehearsals of classic and original works. They also perform for Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival audiences as part of The Pillow’s Inside/Out Series, and make lasting connections with Festival artists and professional choreographers.

Troy University dancer Jarvis Williams was selected to attend the dance intensive this past summer. He shares his experience at The Pillow.


“The experience I had at Jacob's Pillow is something I will never forget. Just going there to feel the nature and to get the chance to see what history is stored there is every bit of amazing. The whole experience of just getting to take great classes with amazing choreographers and to actually see the process of putting together our own show was very exciting. Also, I got the chance to meet other dancers from all over the world and to see that we all enjoyed each other more and more as the days flew by. These people helped me get even more comfortable with the environment and with the daily tasks that were set before us every day. We had specific assignments that we had to accomplish every day to keep on the legacy that Ted Shawn and his dancers did to keep the farm up and running. My job was to keep the studio floor cleaned, which had to be done every night and checked off before eight o'clock in the morning. All dancers were focused and we all worked together and built very strong relationships with each other in just three weeks. I am kind of upset that I had to leave, because yes, it is a beautiful place, and yes it is a great place to be and I really got used to being there every day and waking up to wonderful people to see. Now I am back at Troy University where I will be graduating next year in May and hopefully will get the chance to visit Jacob's Pillow once more.”

Congratulations, Jarvis!!

Dancers will have the opportunity to audition for the 2017 School at Jacob's Pillow during the Alabama Dance Festival in January 2017. Registration and more information coming soon!!

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